Q: How soon can we start?
A: Most of our books are published in the beginning of the school year. So most fundraisers can start almost immediately!

Q: How much do your fundraisers cost?
A: Our book price will vary based upon your market. In general, our books sell for $20 or $25 depending on your location.

Q: How much money do we need upfront?
A: The Merchant Value Pass is a risk free fundraising program. You take the books on consignment and only pay for the books you sell or fail to return in good re-sellable condition.

Q: How long does the fundraiser take to complete?
A: Most of our fundraisers run 10 to 14 days from start to finish.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of books we have to sell?
A: Some markets do require a minimum order for certain groups. However, we set very realistic expectations with every group. Ask your local rep for details.

Q: How much can our group earn?
A: It depends on your group motivation and commitment. We have had groups make as much as $20,000.00 and as little as $500.00. We will work closely with your group to ensure maximum profitability.

Q: Can we sell with books in hand?
A: Yes, most groups will sell with books in hand. However, extremely large groups might decide to use our custom order forms.

Q: Do you offer a prize package to motivate my sellers?
A: Yes, we work closely with your group to motivate your sellers. We have a proven system that will help maximize your fundraiser.

Q: What is expected of us?
A: An honest effort from you and your participants. Nothing more, nothing less.